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2006 à 2008

par Claudine Lylap - 20 mars 2012


- 2006

I06.0001 J.M. PIAU Capillary flows of polymeric materials – Recent aspects. UWINNFM Conference on Rheometry, 10-12 April 2006, Cardiff, UK

I06.0002 Y. RHARBI Nanomechanics and glass transition of polymer confined within spherical nanometric domains. Workshop : properties of polymers in thin films, Mulhouse 13-14 Septembre 2006.

I06.0003 D. ROUX, V. TIRTAATMADJA, N. TIRTAADMADJA, J. COOPER-WHITE, D. VADILLO Drop impacts on solid and liquid surfaces. AERC, 3rd Annual European Rheology Conference. Hersonisos, Crete 2006.

- 2007

I07.0001 N. EL KISSI, F. CHABERT, C. IOJOIU, J. SALAMON, M. MERCIER, Y. PIFFARD, J.Y. SANCHEZ Towards the industrialisation of polymer fuel cells membranes alternatives to fluorinated polymers. European Polymer Congress. Portoroz. Slovénie, Juillet 2007.

I07.0002 Y. AUFFRET, D. ROUX, D. DUNSTAN Shear induced gelation within ordered phase of rod-like micelles formed by AOT, iso-octane and water. ECIS, 21st Conference of European Colloid and Interface Society. Geneva, Switzerland 2007.

- 2008

I08.0001 F. PIGNON Structure of casein micelle dispersions during ultrafiltration process. Présentation Orale. Conférence invitee ESRF USER’

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