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09 Novembre Jan Engmann

« Challenges in Rheological Design for Food & Skin Care Products "

Jan Engmann (Nestlé Research)

Vendredi 09 Novembre 2018 de 14h à 15h , salle de conférences (RDC) du bâtiment NANOBIO DCM, 570 rue de la chimie (badge pour entrer)

Résumé :
Food researchers & developers design sensorially attractive products under specific constraints (e.g. nutritional composition, regulation, cost of ingredients and manufacturing). The relevant “rheological design spaces” (deformations, stresses, length & time scales) determine the required knowledge and equipment and have to be well managed. Similar considerations apply to other consumer products, e.g. skin care. The talk will discuss the nature of such design spaces from different viewpoints : (a) macroscopic characterisation, (b) product structure and (c) interaction with the human body. The interfaces between physical, biological and psychological sciences are given particular attention.

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