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06 Décembre Philipp Gutfreund de l’ILL

"Microscopic structure and dynamics of entangled polymers under shear flow - What neutrons can see "

Jeudi 06 Décembre de 14h à 15h, salle de conférences (RDC) du bâtiment NANOBIO DCM, 570 rue de la chimie (badge pour entrer)

I will present some recent examples of neutron scattering experiments on entangled linear polymer melts and solutions performed under in situ shear deformation. I will start with a combined small angle neutron scattering (SANS) and Neutron Spin Echo (NSE) study of the single chain form and dynamical structure factor of a bulk PDMS melt sheared up to the onset of shear thinning and will explain the potentials and limits of this approach to test single chain theories in out-of-equilibrium conditions. Another example will be a SANS study of the single chain form factor of a semi-dilute Polystyrene solution sheared at high shear rates up to Wi=30 [1]. The last example will be on chemically grafted PS chains in contact with a semi-dilute solution of PS sheared up to Wi=3 examined by neutron reflectometry [2]. During the course of the talk I will show several in situ shear neutron scattering cells available at the ILL and present an outlook on future developments. All results will be complemented by coarse-grained computer simulations [3].

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