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28 Mars 2019 Revaz Chachanidze Post-Doctorant

« Collective phenomena in blood suspensions "

Jeudi 28 Mars 2019 , de 14h à 15h salle A.Rassat du bâtiment E de l’UFR de Chimie

Résumé :
Margination can be described as the ability of certain suspended particles to travel from bulk flow to vessel walls. In blood this phenomenon of cell segregation plays a crucial physiological role. Additionally, in case of certain diseases when the mechanical properties of red blood cells were altered those cells show the affinity of lateral migration in a flow as well. Moreover, recent advances in targeted drug delivery arouse an interest in the margination of drug carriers. The mechanisms leading to margination are not fully understood and very few experimental studies have been performed. The study is dedicated to better understanding of complex collective phenomena that take place in microcirculation of blood through microfluidic in vitro experiments. It mainly focuses on rigidity based margination in suspension of RBCs. For this purpose, model experiment was developed to examine margination caused exclusively by contrast of deformability between two sub-populations of RBCs. We observe and quantify a blood flow consisting of 2 populations of red blood cells : healthy and rigidified with a cross-linking agent (glutaraldehyde). We investigated cases of different hematocrit levels, wide range of velocities and different microvessel geometries.

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