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15 mars 2013 : Séminaire par JULIEN FAVRE

par Claudine Lylap - 14 mars 2013

SEMINAIRE PAR JULIEN FAVRE amphi rassat UJF Bêt I 14h à 15h

Titre de la présentation :

"Déformation à chaud des alliages de cobalt et des métaux purs"

Résumé :

Recrystallization of pure copper, pure cobalt and L-605 cobalt superalloy was studied through the high-temperature mechanical behavior and the observation of microstructure change during deformation. The rheology of these three materials was interpreted in terms of hardening, recovery and recrystallization mechanisms based on the approach of Kocks and Mecking. The mechanical behaviour was characterized by studying the variations of the strain rate sensitivity and of the fractional softening. A new approach is proposed for modeling the dynamic recrystallization based on the inverse analysis of experimental data. The model predicts the stress-strain curves and the evolution of microstructure, and is in good agreement with experimental data. This model requires a minimum of initial material parameters and could be especially attractive in the case of complex metals and alloys for which these parameters are unknown. Finally some recent results on the texturation of titanium alloys during the hot-rolling process will be presented as an introduction of the new research projects developed at EMSE in Saint-Etienne.

Laboratoire Rhéologie et Procédés - 363 rue de la Chimie- Bâtiment B - Domaine Universitaire - BP 53 - 38041 Grenoble cedex 9 - (33) 4 56 52 01 96