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Découvertes, Savants et Sociétés Savantes

Authors : Jean-Michel Piau and Monique Piau

This poster gives a brief survey of the life and work of Maurice Couette (1858-1943), whose name is associated with a type of flow, of rheometer, and with a correction method for end effects in capillary flows.

Couette’s experimental and theoretical work on oscillatory, pipe and cylindrical flows and on transitions to turbulence was accomplished in a relatively short period (1887-May 1889). He was in particular the first to succeed in building a concentric cylinder constant speed rheometer and obtaining significant data sets, giving accurate viscosity values, and to correctly identify the laminar-turbulent transition for air and for water. His interest in Navier constitutive equations, in viscosity measurements at different velocity gradient values, and his discussion on wall slip and friction of complex fluids, using several fluids and wall materials, are highly relevant subjects in present-day rheology.

These outstanding scientific contributions and this pioneering work, in keeping with a modern rheology approach, fully justify the naming of the GFR award, founded in 1993, the Maurice Couette Award.

More details are available in the following papers :

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Lire "Comprendre la Rhéologie" Acknowledgements.
The authors wish to thank Mr and Mrs Yves Couette for their kind contribution.

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